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Question: What batteries does the SonicScrubber use?

Answer: The Household and Pro Detailer models use 4 x AA batteries. The Professional model uses a rechargeable battery pack as supplied in the Professional Kit.

Q: How do I change the batteries?

A: Batteries are accessed via the base of the tool. To access the battery compartment there are two raised buttons (either side of the tool) just above the battery compartment. These are at the base of the tool and are part of the rubberised handle. Squeeze/Press these buttons inwards (towards the centre of the tool) until you hear it click, to release the battery cap and remove the batteries. For the Household and Pro Detailer models insert new batteries in the correct configuration. This configuration is printed on the dividing section within the handle (look inside battery compartment with batteries removed). Replace battery cap by lining up the printed dot on the cap with the printed dot on the tool, and push until it clicks. For the Professional, reinsert battery once recharged. Align +/- symbols on battery pack with +/- symbols at base of tool and push until it clicks.

Q: How long will the SonicScrubber last?

A: With fully charged batteries, the SonicScrubber will last around 3 hours continuous use.

Q: Can I use rechargeable AA batteries?

A: Yes you can. We recommend using standard batteries as they deliver more power and longevity than rechargeable batteries. Both are suitable for use however.

Q: I have lost the battery cap, do you supply spare parts?

A: Please contact us at info@sonicscrubber.co.uk and we will see what we can do.

Brush Heads & Accessories

Question: How do I remove/attach the brush heads?

Answer: To remove, look at where it meets the tool/handle meets the brush head and locate the text "Twist to remove". Twist the head in the direction of the arrows shown (twist then pull off). To attach a brush head, look around the top of the handle where the tool inserts into the brush head. Printed on the connecting stem you will find the text "Push on then Twist". There is a small and large grove either side of the connecting stem, and these match with a small and l arge protrusion on either side (inside) of the brush head. Line these up and push/twist the brush head as per the arrows printed.

Q: Are the brush heads interchangeable across ranges?

A: Yes, with the exception of the Professional range. The Household and Pro Detailer models can use one another's brush heads. The Professional is a larger unit however and therefore is not interchangeable with other units. Older SonicScrubber units can also use the Household and Pro Detailer brushes.

Q: I have an old/different colour SonicScrubber, where can I get brush heads?

A: We changed our ranges over the years, but our head connection system has remained the same. Therefore if you have a Grey/Green, Grey/Blue, Blue/White, or Green/Yellow tool, then our Household (White/Black) or Pro Detailer (Yellow/Black) brush heads will fit your tool. We no longer offer the brush heads in the other colours mentioned. Please note that the Professional (Orange) brush heads will not fit any other models. If you have any other colour of tool then please contact us to check.

Q: How do I use/apply the SonicScrubbie scrubbing pads?

A: To use the SonicScrubbies scouring pads you will require the appropriate connection for your tool. For the Household range you will need the 'Scrubbie head' and for the Professional you will need the 'Scrubbie attachment'. These attachments/heads use a rough/smooth connection system that allows you to peel & stick scrubbing pads as required. It's really that simple.

Q: Where can I buy the extension handle?

A: Unfortunately we no longer offer the Extension handle (for any range). This may make a comeback in the future, but is currently discontinued for the foreseeable future.

Q: Did/Do you do a washing up brush?

A: We did…but this has been discontinued.

Q: How do I remove/attach the Professional bristle heads?

A: The brush heads for the Professional comes in two parts. There is the brush head STEM and there is the bristle heads. To remove/attach the brush head STEMS please refer to the question 'How do I remove/attach brush heads?'. To remove the bristle head you need to find where the bristle head meets the brush head stem. There are 3 indentations around this area where the oscillation takes place. Use these indentations to prise the bristle head away from the brush head stem. To attach simply align the spindles on the reverse of the bristle head with the holes on the brush head stem. Press until it clicks.

Q: I have applied the brush head the wrong way around, what can I do?

A: It shouldn't be easy to do, but if you have applied your brush head backwards, then you may find it has got stuck on the tool. Twist and pull on the brush head (as per the arrows) to remove it. You may need to be quite forceful and there is a possibility that it will break the connecting spindles inside the brush head. If this is the case then you can review purchasing a new brush head, but at least the tool may be okay to use with other brush heads.

Orders, Delivery & Returns

Question: How long after order can I expect delivery?

Answer: Orders before 12 noon on a work day will be despatched the same day. Orders after 12 noon or on a non-work day will be despatched the next working day. Economy UK delivery is 2-3 working days from despatch. 

Q: Do you deliver internationally?

A: Unfortunately we only sell the SonicScrubber in the UK.

My order hasn't arrived, what do I do?

A: You should have receive an email with your tracking reference - please refer to this first. If you still have questions, or if it shows that there is an issue with delivery then please contact us at info@sonicscrubber.co.uk with your order reference number. We will be happy to look into it.

Q: Do you have a store I can visit?

A: Unfortunately not. However we do have retailers who stock our products. Please feel free to contact us to find our latest stockists.

Q: Is the SonicScrubber available from retailers?

A: Yes. Please feel free to contact us to find our latest stockists.

Q: Can I return my SonicScrubber?

A: We hope you are happy with your SonicScrubber, but if you wish to return it then we are happy to help. If you purchased directly from SonicScrubber then you can send it back to us within 30 days of your purchase (items must be unused and in original packaging). Please refer to our Delivery & Returns Information for more information. If you purchased from one of our stockists then please contact them directly and refer to their own Returns information/policy.

Technical Questions

Question: What is the difference between the Household, Pro Detailer and Professional range?

Answer: The Household and Pro Detailer are the same. Both have the same power and design, but the colour difference helps decipher the tool for indoors and the tool for outdoors. There are some brush heads that are specific to a particular range too. The Professional is our rechargeable model, so it comes with a rechargeable battery pack and its own charging station. The Professional is also much larger and stronger than the other models. It is 45% thicker to take more knocks and drops from regular usage. Finally the internals are upgraded for more sustained use, and the brush connection system is more efficient to save on the cost of replacement brushes.

Q: How do I know if I'm getting a genuine SonicScrubber?

A: Obviously if you purchase from us then you can be confident that you are getting a genuine SonicScrubber. Alternatively please refer to our list of current stockist for an approved list of current UK vendors. Please be aware that shopping sites such as Amazon and eBay can be varied in their authenticity, so please feel free to check with us before buying. Outside of the UK, please feel free to contact us at info@sonicscrubber.co.uk to check.

Q: Will the SonicScrubber scratch my surfaces?

A: The SonicScrubber uses an oscillating action to minimise the risk of scratching (unlike rotating brushes). However delicate surfaces could be at risk from our stronger brushes, so we recommend choosing your brush head carefully and testing on inconspicuous areas first. Accessories such as SonicScrubbies and Metal brushes are highly abrasive and will scratch surfaces that they are not intended for. By rule of thumb, if you wouldn't clean the area with a manual version of the brush/accessory then do not use the SonicScrubber version. The opposite would also be true.

Q: What can the SonicScrubber be used on?

A: There are literally hundreds of using for the SonicScrubber. There are too many to list for all the different brushes and accessories available. All we can say is that once you start using it, you will find more and more things to start using it on. It will become your little cleaning companion.

Q: Is the SonicScrubber watertight?

A: Yes the SonicScrubber is watertight. This means you can use it in-and-around water. However it shouldn't be left submerged for extended periods of time or taken/used at more than 1m depth.

Warranty & Repairs

Question: Do you offer a guarantee on the SonicScrubber?

Answer: Yes, the SonicScrubber comes with a 1 year warranty. We recommend keeping a proof of purchase, espcially for store purchases where there is no online purchase history or email trail. We offer our guarantee on all products supplied from a UK source. For international purchases, please refer to 'I didn't purchase my SonicScrubber in the UK, what guarantee is there?'.

Q: I didn't purchase my SonicScrubber in the UK, what guarantee is there?

A: If your order was shipped from a UK source, then it will come with a 1 year warranty as standard. If you purchased from retailer in your own country then it is dependable. In the USA there has been no distribution since 2012 so all products are out of warranty regardless of when it was purchased. In this instance please contact the retailer that sold you the item. If you have purchased from a retailer in any other country, then please contact us at info@sonicscrubber.co.uk with details of your issue and a proof of purchase. We will review your claim accordingly.

Q: My SonicScrubber isn't working, what can I do?

A: Step 1 is to check the batteries. Are the batteries okay (check in another device) and are they inserted correctly (see Question 'How do I change my batteries?')? If all okay then the issue is with the tool. Please refer to our FAQ's regarding warranty to see if you are entitled to a free replacement. If you aren't entitled to a replacement and you wish to find the fault with your tool then please follow the following steps. Turn on tool without a brush head connected. If it doesn't turn on, then there is an issue with the handle and you will require a new tool. In some instances a battery may have leaked and coated the terminals inside the tool. You can try cleaning them using a pen and rag (or similar). If your unit does turn on, but one or more of the brush heads don't work, then you will need to try various brush heads. If none of the brush heads work then there is an issue with the handle and you will require a new tool. If most of the brush heads work, but one or more don't, then it will be an issue with these specific brush heads and they will need replacing.

Q: Do you offer a repair service?

A: Unfortunately not. The SonicScrubber is not designed to be taken aprt, so it isn't possible to repair them. However it you have purchased you SonicScrubber from a UK source in the last 12 months then we can arrange sending you a replacement free of charge.

Q: I received the SonicScrubber as a gift and it has an issue, what can I do?

A: We can check our system to see if it was ordered from us directly. Please provide details of the buyer (name and address) and we will see if we can locate the order. If not, then we would require a gift receipt as proof of purchase, or some other confirmation of purchase as received by the buyer. If the item was purchased from a UK source in the last year then we can provide a replacement free of charge. If it wasn't purchased from a UK source then please refer to 'I didn't purchase my SonicScrubber in the UK, what guarantee is there?'.

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