Professional Cleaner

Bigger, Faster, Stronger and Rechargeable: The Choice of Professionals

The Ultimate Standard

Industry demands the highest standard of cleaning. Businesses are judged on their cleanliness, as well as being responsible for public safety. By focusing on detailed areas the SonicScrubber fulfils an important role in the job of deep cleaning, and in obtaining impeccable results.

Less Time, Better Results

SonicScrubber gets into tight areas that are notoriously time consuming to clean. AICS report a 16-57% time benefit on cleaning grout, sinks, toilets, elevator tracks, and other similar areas. SonicScrubber also power cleans where manual methods struggle. Improve productivity & results.

Report by American Institute of Cleaning Sciences on SonicScrubber vs Manual cleaning time.

As featured on the Gadget Show

Why It’s Better

The Professional range is a step up on our standard SonicScrubbers. It has upgraded internals, chassis and motors for more power and greater durability. Its also has a different brush connection and battery option for more cost effective ownership

  • 45% Stronger & more durable
  • More torque & upgraded internals
  • More cost effective 60hrs+ *

*After 60 hours use the difference in cost of recharging the Professional battery compared to AA battery replacements is larger than the cost differential between tools. Based on £1.75 per 4 x AA batteries and £0.01 per Professional recharge.

What’s Included

We include all you need to get deep cleaning like a pro!

The Professional Kit includes:

  • 1 x Professional Tool
  • 1 x Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • 1 x Recharging Station
  • 2 x Head Connections (Large, Small)
  • 3 x Large Heads (Soft, Medium, Hard)
  • 3 x Small Heads (Soft, Medium, Cone)

One Tool, Many Uses...

There are endless uses for the SonicScrubber across a variety of industries.
Here are some of the most common applications.


Serving Stations

Hotel Rooms


Changing areas

Public areas



If you have other great uses for the SonicScrubber then we love to hear them.