Household Cleaner

A home is for living, not just for cleaning. Get your living space looking better faster.

For Every Space...

Whether it’s the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, the SonicScrubber will be your cleaning companion. Use on everything from bedroom windows to bathroom taps…the interchangeable brushes provide a use in every room of the house.

Speedy Sparkle

Quick clean tight areas where food and other household grime most commonly collect. Get around lips, joins, corners and crevices that are notoriously time consuming to clean. Spend more time enjoying the results.

“I really do recommend that every household have one. They are a must for perfectionist cleaners like me, speedy cleaners, and anyone suffering with arthritis.”
- Linsey Crombie , Queen of Clean Channel 4 Obsessive Compulsive Cleaner

Brush or Scrub

Prefer scouring pads? SonicScrubbies swap out bristles for abrasive pads. With a ‘Scrubbie Head’ you can use our Scrubbie pads to tackle the toughest of baked on grime. Four strengths available.

Variable Brush Head Options

Different sizes, strengths, and shapes for every detail.

Cone Brush

For corners, joins
and tight gaps.

Soft Brush

For delicate surfaces
and upholstery.

Medium Brush

For everything else,
it’s the all-rounder.

Large Brush

For larger surfaces areas & power scrubbing


When only a scouring pad will do

Tackle Every Detail

No nook or cranny is safe from SonicScrubber. Clean any tight space in seconds.
Here are some of the most common uses.









If you have other great uses for the SonicScrubber then we love to hear them.