Automotive Cleaner

Pride in your Ride. Get your car, bike or boat looking its best. Clean it like a Pro!

Showroom Standard of Cleaning

There’s a reason they call it detailing…the showroom finish is in the detail. Dirt collects in the joins of bodywork and components. SonicScrubber get into these areas for the ultimate deep clean. Clean your vehicle like new and show off your ride at its best. Used and recommended by valeting pro’s.

Target Lurking Grime

Whether its rain or dust, dirt gets into every crevice of your vehicle – inside and out. SonicScrubber is your tool to get into the tight spots, and deep clean your motor. No more struggling to clean around gearshift gators, badges or alloy wheels spokes.

"An excellent cleaning tool that simply gets the job done. The SonicScrubber is an extremely useful car cleaning tool”.
- Tested, Auto Express

Power Cleaning

Fast and powerful brushing action removes tough road dirt quickly. Take to the inside for an even cleaner interior. Spend less time cleaning, and more time enjoying the results.

Variable Brush Head Options

Different sizes, strengths, and shapes for every detail.

Cone Brush

For corners, joins
and tight gaps.

Soft Brush

For delicate surfaces
and upholstery.

Medium Brush

For everything else,
it’s the all-rounder.

Large Brush

For larger surfaces areas & power scrubbing

For All Vehicles

Whether it’s a car, motorbike, push bike or jet ski, the SonicScrubber will get it looking amazing.
These are some of the most common uses.



Marine Craft






If you have other great uses for the SonicScrubber then we love to hear them.