Take the effort out of Scrubbing

Scrub Better
Over 25 times faster than manual scrubbing…brush heads oscillate more than 10,000 times per minute.
Clean Closer
Interchangeable brush heads purposefully designed for precision cleaning those nooks and crannies.
Work Less
Powerful motor and scrubbing action does the hard work for you. Save on that elbow grease.

One Tool, Many Uses

Use the SonicScrubber on literally 100’s of cleaning tasks in & around the home.

Meet the Range

Whether its your kitchen, bathroom, or car…we have the right tool for your job.

Interchangeable Heads

With a variety of interchangeable heads, and a powerful motor that won’t stall underpressure,
the SonicScrubber delivers sparkling results.

Less effort than
conventional cleaning

Clean areas in
a fraction of the time

Scratch free
scrubbing results

Chemical friendly
scrubbing heads

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